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Franchise with Puzzle Coffee: Brewing Success and Sustainability

Welcome to Puzzle Coffee, where a dedication to quality, social responsibility, and a commitment to sustainability converge to create a unique and thriving specialty coffee house. Born and bred in Melbourne, Puzzle Coffee is not just a brand; it's a movement - a movement towards a better world, one piece at a time.

Our Origin Story

Crafted and designed in the vibrant streets of Melbourne, Puzzle Coffee is more than just a coffee shop - it's an experience. We specialise in bean-to-cup specialty coffee, ensuring every cup tells a story of quality and ethical sourcing. The unparalleled quality of Puzzle Coffee accompanies you wherever you are in the world.

Exceptional Coffee, Global Roots

Our stores feature a curated collection of exceptional coffee beans sourced from various global regions, presented through our lattes and ninety-plus pourovers. Immerse yourself in the world of Puzzle Coffee, where each cup tells a unique story of flavour and origin.

Sips to Suit All Tastes

Puzzle Coffee offers a diverse selection of beverages, catering to various tastes. From classic lattes and cappuccinos to refreshing iced matcha lattes, our menu has something for everyone. Experience our notable drink creations, such as the Iced Dirty Matcha and Sparkling Strawberry Yakult.

Socially Responsible

Puzzle Coffee proudly sources only the finest fairly traded specialty coffee beans from farmers worldwide. With each visit to Puzzle, you not only savor exceptional coffee but also contribute to a global community of ethical coffee production.

Join the Puzzle Movement

Are you passionate about quality coffee, social responsibility, and sustainability? Puzzle Coffee invites you to join our franchise family. Benefit from an established brand, proven business model, and the opportunity to make a positive impact on both your community and the planet by selling the best specialty coffee available!

How to Become a Puzzle Coffee Franchisee

Ready to embark on a journey with Puzzle Coffee? Connect with us to learn more about the franchise opportunities available.

Complete the form below, and let's brew success together.

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