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We have planted 2,800 trees around the world since the start of 2023 in association with Tree Nation

With your support, in 2023 so far we have planted more than 2,800 trees in Thailand, France, India, Peru, Nepal, Australia, Cameroon, and Madagascar in association with Tree Nation. That's 120,000kg of CO2 emissions offset over the lifetime of these trees which covers the average electrical usage of more than 23,000 homes in one year - it's incredible! ⁠

We are so proud of our amazing Puzzle Coffee community and thank you for being part of this journey with us!

We plant trees to help save our planet and reduce our carbon footprint

Planet Ark calculates that every 30 seconds in Australia 50,000 disposable coffee cups become landfill - that's over 1 billion cups a year.

We play our part in the great coffee puzzle by:

- Planting a tree for every 100 cups of coffee sold

- Planting a tree for every bag of coffee beans sold

- Planting a tree for every item of merchandise sold

- Using only compostable or biodegradable packaging where possible

- Sourcing ethically and fairly traded coffee direct from coffee bean farmers

- Ensuring our brand and stores are carbon neutral

- Discounts on drinks when using reusable cups